Pipe Welding, Fitting & Fabrication


Rigid Welding specializes in the fabrication and assembly of high-pressure piping, process piping spools, vessels, and full skids. We offer comprehensive pipe welding services with the ability to weld in all positions using the most advanced equipment. Our elite team of welders is certified to ASME standards.


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Pressure Vessels & Tanks

Rigid Welding’s detailed approach to pressure vessel and tank services starts with a complete needs assessment. We can start from scratch or assess what you’ve got in place. From there, we make recommendations based on your needs and budget. We can draft, design, engineer, inspect and test as needed.


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Custom Metal Fabrication

Welding is our specialty. It’s what we do. When you use Rigid Welder’s ASME-certified professional welders, you can expect to be wowed by the quality of our welding work and services. We follow the most stringent welding and safety standards to ensure stunning results.


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Onsite Welding Services

Let us come to you! We provide mobile welding services for all types of metal repair. We can adapt quickly to all environments and conditions and always maintain the highest safety standards.


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Engineering & Design

Rigid Welding provides engineering and design services that add value at every stage of your project. We’ll work in consultation with you from design to inception.


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