Pipe Welding, Fitting & Fabrication

Rigid Welding specializes in the fabrication and assembly of high pressure piping, process piping spools, vessels and full skids. We offer a comprehensive pipe welding service, with the ability to weld in all positions using the latest equipment. We have a team of qualified and experienced welders certified to ASME standards.
Rigid Welding Inc is certified in accordance with CSA B52 Mechanical Refrigeration Code and CSA-B51 Boiler Pressure Vessel & Pressure Piping Codes:
  • ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code
  • ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code
  • ASME B31.5 Refrigeration Piping Code
  • CSA Z7396.1 Medical Gas Pipeline Systems

Specialist Piping

We offer piping services for a variety of systems which include:
  • Constructing, modifying, repairing and removing piping systems
  • Stainless steel piping, tubing and food grade sanitary piping
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic piping and controls, installations and trouble shooting
  • Prefabricated pipe assemblies – pressure piping spool fabrication and assembly, Skid modular fabrication and assembly
  • High-Pressure piping systems
  • Jacketed piping, compressed air lines
  • Installation and modification of systems equipment, including valves, compressors, pumps, grinders, augers and more.

Other Services Offered:
  • Materials procurement and supply
  • Manual and control valve selection
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Non-destructive testing examinations
  • TSSA piping registrations and certification
  • Heat treating

Prefabricated Piping, Modules and Skids

We fabricate complete piping skids – from the bases to the entire piping schematic – featuring both bolted or welded connections. Our design and engineering expertise allow us to successfully evaluate your design and suggest ways to minimize your package’s size to improve it’s operating efficiency. This initial phase allows our engineers to work closely with our fabrication team to ensure a quality product is delivered.

We are ASME accredited and routinely perform work to B31.1, B31.3 and B31.5. Prefab piping is just one aspect of our work as we integrate and link multiple skills and disciplines into the construction of modules and skids.

Types of Modular Systems

  • Prefabricated Pipes (Spools)
  • Fixture Assemblies
  • Modular Pipe Rack Assemblies
  • Equipment Skid Modules
  • Process Skid Fabrication

Mechanical Piping

Rigid Welding offers quality mechanical piping service in the project management, fabrication and instillation of the steam and process pipe work. We specialize in the design and fabrication of turnkey mechanical piping systems in accordance with ASME B31.1, B31.3 and B31.5.

Medical Gas Piping

Rigid Welding is fully certified by the TSSA to fabricate and install medical piping in accordance with CSA B51 and CSA-Z7396.1.


Medical gas piping designed and installed by Rigid Welding will ensure your system is certified and built to your industry’s specific standards. We install and maintain medical gas piping systems in many health facilities throughout the region, including hospitals and medical clinics.


Piping for various gases:

  • Medical compressed air
  • Instrument Air
  • Compressed air for labs
  • Cryogenic Liquids
  • Dental Compressed Air
  • Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide,
  • Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen
  • Medical Surgical Vacuum,
  • Laboratory Vacuum, Dental
  • Vacuum